Our team uses the latest GIS technologies to capture, analyse and display spatial data from both terrestrial and aquatic environments. As a routine part of environmental assessment and habitat mapping we use GIS as a staple tool for graphical representation of environmental, habitat mapping and infrastructural data.

We have developed National and international inventories of GIS based data for policy development, habitat conservation and asset management. Altemar has also carried out local data inventories for risk management, oil spill contingency planning, strategic renewables planning including SEA's, heritage value and for the environmental and socio-economic assessments of "Ports of Refuge".

We provide GIS based video surveying and work closely with iGeoTec, who have developed Ubipix, a geospatial platform integrating mobile devices, remote sensing, photogrammetry, RDBMS, multimedia, spatial analysis & visualisation underpinned by state of the art Cloud based client-server architectures & web services.

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